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Housing, livelihood and community projects supported by Caritas Swiss in the Vanni

Members of the Women’s Rural Development Society (WRDS) in the village of Poonahari in Kilinochchi District were recently presented with a special Award by the Divisional Secretary of Poonahari in recognition of the effective functioning of their organization and its proper financial management, as well as the services rendered  by the WRDS to the people of the area. In addition to the housing and livelihood program implemented in this District, two Community Halls and a common well had also been built and handed over to the WRDS in the villages of Veravil and Valaipadu. These activities had helped to strengthen the capacity of WRDS members to undertake several steps that have served the common good. Caritas Sri Lanka supports the WRDS in the North under a project funded by Caritas Swiss.

In the Mullaitivu District, 185 houses were built and handed over to beneficiaries during the past one year in the villages of Silavaththai, Kallapadu, Mullivaikkal East and Mullivaikkal West. Four more houses are in progress. In the livelihood sector, 169 families were given financial assistance to start income generation activities. The construction of 4 new Community Halls to be used for common purpose was also entrusted to the WRDS in the above-named villages. Prior training in leadership development skills was given to the WRDS members so that they were motivated to undertake by themselves the responsibility to carry out the building and maintenance work on the Community Halls. This task gave them an opportunity to upgrade their own capacities for constructing and maintaining these buildings.

DSC09110.jpgDSC09159.jpgDSC09182.jpgIMG_1322.jpgIMG_1363 (2).jpgIMG_1626.jpgIMG_2834.jpgTheerthakarai Communitty Center.jpgVadduvahal Communitty Center.jpgValangnarmadam Renovated Building.jpg