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Workshops on sustainable agriculture

Under the Caritas Norway-funded project titled “Substantiation of Community Institutions for Sustainable Agriculture To Ensure Food Security”, a series of workshops were held in the Dioceses of Kurunegala, Anuradhapura and Batticaloa during the month of February 2015.
In Anuradhapura, 45 persons belonging to 07 Self Help Groups (SHGs) of Meawachchiya area participated, while the workshop in Amabagaswewa, Polonnaruwa saw an attendance of 60 persons. A Community Based Organisation (CBO) has been started here.

In Batticaloa, 62 persons who are mostly engaged in agriculture and inland fisheries participated in the workshop held at Rajadurainagar, Vavunatheevu (Manmunai West DS Division). Here, too, a CBO has been formed. Meantime, in Nediyamadu (Adithiyamalai West), 60 persons were present at the workshop.

In Kurunegala, 52 farmers including 35 males and 17 females participated in the village of Pothanegama, while in Ambagaswewa, Mahawa 40 females belonging to a CBO named Yasodhara Women’s Society were present.

The general scope of all the above village -level workshops covered important aspects of sustainable agriculture such as “Compost Preparation Techniques”, “Liquid Fertilizer Preparation”, “Vermi-culture”, “Preparation of Pest Repellants”, “Methods of Forming and Strengthening Small Groups” and “ Establishment of Domestic Economic Units”.