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Business counseling for livelihood beneficiaries in Mullaitivu District

Under a Caritas Swiss funded project, a group of 82 members of Women Rural Development Societies (WRDS) in Mullaitivu District gathered at the Vattuvakal Community Centre on 3rd and 4th September 2015 for a comprehensive training  in several important aspects of their livelihood activities, such as Sustainable Livelihood Framework, Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) and Risk Coping Mechanism.

The training also focused on how to sustain livelihoods in the face of shocks and changes, how to deal with the complexity of poverty and how to identify linkages between different sectors and institutions.

These women participants had earlier received awareness on business plan formulation and subsequently engaged in various livelihood activities under a program aimed at enhancing the life situations of 184 women-headed households of the area.

The current business counseling sessions were so designed as to help them improve their present performance and to solve the problems they had faced, as well as encouraging those who had given up their income generating projects to re-start the same.

The chief resource person for the workshop was Mr M Sureshkumar, Director/Assistant Secretary of Vavuniya District Chamber of Commerce.He was assisted by Mr Anthony Jesuthasan, Project Coordinator  of Caritas Sri Lanka.