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The objective of this programme is to address several issues that continue to have a bearing on poverty, and to implement programmes with a view to reducing the impact of poverty, thereby improving the quality of life of the low- income communities. The programme is being implemented in all Dioceses and the main focus is on increasing family incomes as well as reducing the cost of living and medical expenses in the longer term. Therefore, most of the Dioceses have selected activities to promote organic farming methods and establish home gardens in every home. The other areas being addressed include health, education, human rights, mental health, alcoholism etc. Particularly in the health sector, special attention is being given for the “Thalasemia “ Prevention” programme in Kurunegala and Batticaloa, and the “Chronic Kidney Disease Prevention” programme in Anuradhapura.

Apart from the above, a series of programmes to empower local communities to address these same issues are also being conducted, namely:

  • Awareness programmes on special issues
  • Skills trainings for individuals
  • Vocational training for unemployed youth
  • Self-employment projects
  • Training on microfinance
  • Mobile medical screening clinics at village level for Thalassaemia and Kidney diseases
  • Distribution of organic home garden kits/seeds/plants etc.
  • Revolving loan systems for domestic  small industries
  • Value education programmes for family members and selected youth
  • Psychosocial camps and counseling sessions for the needy
  • Animal husbandry programme, including training by veterinary team