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Training on disaster preparedness for crop cultivation

Under the Caritas Norway/NORAD funded project on "Substantiation of Community Institutions for Sustainable Agriculture to Ensure Food Security", three training workshops were conducted to raise awareness on cultivation techniques that are appropriate as a preparation for drought and flood situations.

The Workshops were held at Janasetha, Kurunegala on 1stMarch 2016, Huruluwewa (Anuradhapura Diocese) on 3rdMarch 2016 and Batticaloa on 4th March 2016. A total of 130 project participants took part in theses workshops. The Huruluwewa major irrigation scheme situated in the North Central dry zone of Sri Lanka is frequently subjected to water scarcity. This workshop covered On-farm Water Management, High Efficiency Irrigation Techniques, Micro  Irrigation Technology, Sprinkler Irrigation, Drip irrigation,  Use of various mulching materials, Rain Water Harvesting, Multiple Cropping Systems, Mixed Cropping, Alley Cropping, Bag culture / poly bag cultivation, drought- tolerant crop varieties, Minimum tillage / Zero tillage Method, Protected Agriculture, Rain shelter/ Net House and Deep Flow Technique.

The Resource persons at the workshops were Mr. R. S. Wijesekera, Director- Agriculture Extension and Training, Department of Agriculture, Gannoruwa, Peradeniya, Dr. Ajantha de Silva, Director-Natural Resource Management, Department of Agriculture, Gannoruwa, Peradeniya and Mr. A. Karunakaran, Agricultural Instructor, Mr.  T. Mathavan, Agricultural Instructor-Department of Agriculture and Ms. Nilani Tissera, National Project Coordinator for Caritas Food Security Project.

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