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Caritas initiates steps to assist plantation communities

The members of Vigilant Committees formed in tea estates in the Dioceses of Kandy, Galle, Badulla and Ratnapura under the ‘ Green Gold Harvesters Project’ have initiated several community-oriented activities that are beneficial to the people. These were undertaken after identifying the needs and prioritizing them for collective action. Though Caritas support is extended for such efforts through the respective Diocesan Centres, a significant feature of this endeavour is that the people and the Estate Managements have also contributed their resources for implementing these measures which include the provision of safe drinking water, optimizing the use of water resources, upgrading the facilities in Child Education Centres , Community Halls and Dispensaries, as well as erecting security fence to protect settlement areas from wild animals, creating awareness on waste disposal methods and etc.

The Caritas project to uplift plantation communities is supported by Misereor-Germany.

covering well - Ratnapura.JPGCupbord to Library - Badulla (1).JPGDisplaying Health Messages in Kandy.JPGPainting community centre in Deniyaya.JPGPainting pre schools in Deniyaya.JPGProtective Fence.JPGRestoration of drinking water facilities in Kandy.JPGtoilet to child education centre.JPGUpfrading dispensary - Ratnapura.JPGWaste Mangemnet bins in Kandy.JPGWater line storage repairing in Deniyaya.JPG