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Safe Labour Migration Workshops

The Migration Unit of Caritas Sri Lanka SEDEC facilitated 4 pre -departure training programmes for the potential migrant workers, mainly to Middle Eastern countries. The workshops were conducted in 4 locations in Kandy, Colombo, Kurunegala and Trincomalee between April and July 2016.

SEDEC in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Bureau of Foreign Employment, commonly known as SLBFE, conducted the sessions aimed at capacitating and enhancing the knowledge of the migrant workers of their rights and made them aware of where to look for assistance in case of an emergency and need. The other focus area of the sessions included financial management, psychosocial and stress management, regular migration process during pre-departure stage as well as in-service and reintegration phases.

Rev.Sr. Ushani Perera and Mr. L.K Ruhunage, Labour Migration Consultant, along with members of the SLBFE Training Department,  Ms Kalani Priyangika, Mr Thavanithan and Mr Kamaal joined the sessions as resource personnel. They used the ILO pre-departure publication 2013 as the main training module named, " Safe Labour Migration Guide".

The total number of participants of all the workshops stood at 291 persons, out of which 107 were passport holders who were ready to leave for Middle-East in the coming weeks. This activity was carried out under a Caritas Luxembourg-supported project.