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Livelihood Support Scheme

The second stage of a project to support poor families to live a decent life in Kurunegala Diocese was held recently with the participation of 5 poor and marginalized families selected by Janasetha Caritas Kurunegala. They were given training on micro business planning as well as financial grants to start income generation projects using the know-how gained in the training workshop held from 31th August to 2st of September 2016. The project is supported by Caritas Slovenia.

The project started in November 2015 when 10 poor families from the Diocese of Kurunegala were selected and initially, a group of 5 beneficiaries was given livelihood training at “Janasetha Centre” in Kurunegala.

In the current second stage, the remaining 5 beneficiaries had the opportunity of receiving training and financial support. They were given basic entrepreneurial skills in identifying a business idea, designing a business & marketing plan, book-keeping and so on in the context of revenue increase and substantial improvement in family economy.
The resource person from Caritas Sri Lanka National Centre, Ms. Nilani Tissera assisted the trainees to put down their conceptual thoughts into a realistic business plan by revisiting their past, examining the present and envisioning the future.

At the end of the 2-day workshop, the 5 new beneficiaries were handed over Rs.25, 000.00 each to actualise their business plans. Two other individuals who had already received livelihood grants and skills training last year updated their former business plans to accommodate expanded activities.

Accordingly, the 5 new beneficiaries will start businesses such as screen printing of banners, “Anthurium” cultivation, dress making, starting a grinding mill, and opening dry fish sales outlet. In addition, 2 others will expand their existing businesses, one in developing a mushroom plants nursery using the profit earned from mushroom cultivation and another beneficiary purchasing a brooder for hatching eggs in order to have an uninterrupted supply of day-old country chicks.

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