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Training on Advocacy and Lobbying

A training workshop to build the capacity and knowledge of the leaders of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) was held on 23rd September 2016 at Caritas Sri Lanka Auditorium under the project “Integral Human Development - Civic Dialogue and Cross-community Activities" for a group of 25 participants from the Dioceses of Colombo, Ratnapura, Trincomalee and Galle.

Showcasing numerous past and present experiences on how people used the techniques of advocacy and lobbying  to find solutions to their socio-economic problems, the resource person Mr P B Tennekoon, International CEFE (Competency-based Economies through Formation of Enterprise) Consultant /Trainer demonstrated how community leaders could identify and prioritise the issues that are waiting to be addressed in their communities.

The interactive nature of the training session focused on strategising advocacy and lobbying as a tool for social mobilization and transformation. Mr Tennekoon elaborated on the art of influencing  policymakers and decision-makers in such a manner as to win the rights of the people and help them  obtain the State services and benefits they are entitled to. This strategy is also aimed at calling public attention to the issues at hand and marshalling community support for the resolution of such issues.

The current training program was part of a three-year project funded by Caritas Korea which will continue until December 2016.

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