Caritas creates awareness on skilled migration

A short TV commercial prepared by Caritas Sri Lanka under its Safe Migration Program is now being aired on selected TV Channels in Sinhala and Tamil languages as a way of promoting skilled migration among Sri Lankan women as an alternative to going abroad as unskilled domestic workers in Middle Eastern countries.

In the past, Caritas has conducted several awareness programs that were aimed at educating prospective migrant workers about the need to undergo training and acquire certain skills before accepting jobs abroad as domestic workers. This was part of the Caritas endeavour to make migration safe for all.

Domestic workers are most vulnerable to rights abuses and violations as compared to other sectors such as shop employees who are protected by labour regulations relating to worker rights.

Presently, the emphasis is on conscientizing prospective migrant women on the availability of other jobs such as shop assistants and so on to which the candidates may aspire if they equip themselves with certain marketable skills.

Caritas also promotes vocational training among youth since the skills so gained will enable them to improve their career prospects here or abroad. As skilled workers, they will belong to a category of workers whose rights are protected through labour laws, thus enhancing their job security.

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