Upcoming Events - March 2015

  • Diocesan level Workshops on Sustainable Agriculture will be held in Kurunegala Diocese on 12th and 13th March, in Anuradhapura on 24th and 25th March and in Batticaloa on 26th and 27th March under the project : Substantiation on Community Institutions for Sustainable Agriculture to Ensure food Security.
    The Workshops cover "Methods of formation and strengthening of small groups", "Compost preparation techniques", "Preparation of Pest Repellants", "Vermi-culture", "Liquid fertilizer Preparation" and "Establishment of Domestic Economic Units".
  • To mark World Water Week, two public events have been arranged to be held in Anuradhapura (28th March) and Vavuniya (29th March) under the “Water and Gender Project” supported by CAFOD UK.
  • 22nd – 24th March - Under the project to capacitate farmers on sustainable agriculture, supported by Caritas Asia, a 3-day residential workshop to provide practical training on sustainable agriculture methods will be held at Janasetha Caritas Kurunegala for a group of 80 farmers and 20 Caritas Field Officers from all the Dioceses.
  • 31st March - To commemorate International Women’s Day, a group of 55 Women Community Leaders selected from all the Dioceses will be felicitated at an event to be held at Caritas Sri Lanka auditorium

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